So I want to make games for Newgrounds. I've had plenty of experience with game creation in the past. I've used Game Maker Studio (It's a great advanced game making program if your interested) to make simple short games. But you cant put those types of games on Newgrounds. I've tried file converters and messing with options but I cant make my games the right type of file for Newgrounds. So I guess I cant use Game Maker to make games. Can anyone suggest a decent game creation software that will work with Newgrounds? A free one please as I dont have any money. I google searched and got only online game makers or ones that are not free. I was hoping someone knows of a software that might just fit, I know almost everyone uses Flash but I cant afford it (unless theres some free thing I dont know of). It's ok though, its not a top priority so no need to go all out but anyone who's willing to help in any way is much appreciated. Thanks! 

Ok, so I've been posting art to Newgrouns for quite a while and I always thought It would appear on the "Brand Spankin' New Art" section. I assumed It only didnt show up for me because I made it and everyone else would find it there. Turns out none of my art gets nearly as far as I think. Through showing Newgrounds to a friend  I found out all this junk about scouting and how none of my work reaches the Portal till I'm scouted by someone who has been scouted. It would of been fine to know about this before but only just finding this out, now I'm all annoyed.

I'm not asking to be scouted, but if you can help... Idk give me a chance, I'll leave it up to you (not that I have a choice really XD). I'm just mad right now because this stuff only just got to me and I've been thinking everyone can see my work like I see theirs. I guess I have to prove myself... By the way heres my friends new account (I'm sure she's never gonna update it but why not)...

I've been using Game Maker to make all sorts of games for years! I was so exited to be able to upload my own game to Newgrounds because I've been playing games on this site since I was little. TBH I should of looked at what types of files Newgrounds supports before spending hours a day for ages working on a game, but I didnt and now... well... whoops. I think Newgrounds needs to support the Game Maker project files or .exe files because you can export GM files into .exe's but nothing else. Anyone got any thoughts or really anything related to this problem? 

Learning to use Krita

2017-06-24 11:42:14 by ZoroarkX

Well, after working a few hours just to make a drawing of Metal Sonic I can come to the conclusion to using a drawing on computer is not quick. I always knew this stuff takes a long time to do but I've never been into something that is SOOOOOO SLOW UUUUUGGHHHH!!!!!!!! All you pacient people out there, good job! It takes forever to finish anything and I'm not even at the rank where I can be called an "artist" yet XD Its not easy, but I'll get to improvement and see If maybe I can produce something both origional and cool.